Neoen acknowledges the Gunditjmara people, Traditional Owners of the land on which Kentbruck Wind Farm will harvest the energy of the wind. We pay our respects to their Elders past and present.

Transporting energy

A new 275 kV transmission line is needed to connect the wind farm to the existing AusNet electricity transmission network.

After having assessed a set of route options based on potential
grid connection locations in Victoria and South Australia, two routes were considered feasible:

1/ Extend east from the wind farm and connect into the Heywood Terminal Station

2/ Extend south-east from the wind farm and cut-in to the existing 500kV Heywood-Portland transmission line


Each route could either be entirely underground or a combination
of underground and overhead powerlines.

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The proposed route measures approximately 26.6 km in length and would extend entirely underground from the wind farm to the existing Heywood Terminal Station.

The choice of this scenario as the preferred option allows for minimising impacts on the local community, which clearly communicated to Neoen their preference for the under-road route through Boiler Swamp Road.

This scenario also minimizes impacts associated with cultural considerations, visual amenity, existing land uses, the Portland Aerodrome, and the environment more broadly.

Underground Line

The transmission line would bisect Cobboboonee National Park for approximately 17.6 km, where it would be buried beneath Boiler Swamp Road, an existing dirt road.

Compared to an overhead powerline through the National Park, which birds could collide with, the choice of a more expensive underground option ensures minimal disturbance to flora, fauna and the local community.