Neoen acknowledges the Gunditjmara people, Traditional Owners of the land on which Kentbruck Wind Farm will harvest the energy of the wind. We pay our respects to their Elders past and present.

Annual precipitation is likely to decrease 8.5-27% evaporation would increase 9.1-21.4%

Sea levels to rise by up to 84cm Ocean surface likely to be warmer
Average sea temperature is likely to be 3–3.8º C warmer.

Climate Change Impacts

Without a change to renewable energy, like the Kentbruck Green Power Hub, the following is predicted to happen:

  • The wetlands will become more saline, changing which species grow and survive. There will be a change in composition of vegetation across the entire area.
  • Storm surges resulting in intrusion of excess saltwater into freshwater ecosystems. Habitat availability for birds likely to be reduced. Increase in coastal erosion.
  • Fish will die while algal blooms will be more likely.

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Kentbruck Green Power Hub will provide 30 years of clean energy to Victoria.

Why we need Kentbruck

Renewable energy project such as Kentbruck keep the lights on in Victoria.

Energy to power around 400,000 homes

No greenhouse gas emissions

Cleaner air