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The Kentbruck Green Power Hub is a proposed wind farm and battery storage project comprising up to 157 wind turbines and battery storage near the town of Nelson, Victoria.


Wind turbines are tall structures that can capture stronger winds at higher altitudes. Turbines are generally 150-270m in height.


Battery storage allows us to store the energy and provide it to the grid whenever it’s needed.


A transmission line is needed so that clean energy from the wind turbines can be exported to the existing network.


The Kentbruck Green Power Hub is located in far sothwest Victoria, approximately 330km west of Melbourne. The proposed site is around 5km from Nelson and 25km from Portland.



Annual income paid to local land owners plus up to 14 ongoing jobs

For the climate

Producing more than
3,300,000 MWh of renewable energy per year

For your community

Up to $150,000 per year
funding for local community initiatives and projects



Dec 2019 community information sessions

Dec 2019 community information sessions

Neoen will host two community drop-in sessions to explain the project and hear community input regarding the project and also the Scoping Requirements for the Environment Effects Statement prepared by DELWP. Team members and members from the DELWP Impact Assessment...

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Kentbruck Green Power Hub on Public Exhibition

Kentbruck Green Power Hub on Public Exhibition

The Kentbruck Green Power Hub has had its EPBC Act Referral received and is now on public exhibition here: An invitation for public comment will be open through this website until 30th September 2019. The referral...

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KGPH referred to Victorian minister for planning

KGPH referred to Victorian minister for planning

Neoen has referred the Kentbruck Green Power Hub to the Victorian Minister for Planning to ask the Minister as to whether an Environment Effects Statement (EES) is required for the project. The EES referral document along with preliminary technical investigations can...

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They’re very good community minded people.

Eddie Rover, Neighbour
Numurkah Solar Farm in Victoria


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Neoen produce affordable reliable electricity from natural renewable sources such as the sun and wind.

With 12 years’ experience behind us, our technologies are tried, tested and proven. Our South Australian Big Battery has been keeping the lights on in SA since 2017, and saved consumers over $116 million in 2019 alone !

We own and operate all of the projects we build (rather than developing them to be sold) and as long-term neighbours we are committed to sharing the benefits with surrounding communities.

This dedication to community and environment has made us a renewable energy developer of choice across Australia.