Transmission Line

Transporting energy

Electricity from the Kentbruck Green Power Hub will need to be transported to the existing transmission network through a new powerline.

There are two options being considered:

Option 1 would run from the wind farm to the existing Heywood Terminal Station and would include a portion of underground line through the Cobboboonee National Park, buried underneath one or other of two existing roads. Closer to the terminal station the line would be overhead.

Option 2 would involve a single overhead transmission line to a new terminal station located to the west of Portland, next to the high voltage line which serves the Portland smelter.

Visual impact

The poles for the overhead portions of both options will be one of the alternatives below. For reference in this drawing is a 10m tall street pole, and a 65m tall 500kV tower. The existing line to the Portland Smelter has these 65m tall 500kV towers.

If you would like to provide feedback on the power line route, or have a preference on tower design we would welcome this feedback via our survey.

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Underground Line

One of the options for the transmission line easement is through underground cabling along an existing dirt road through the Cobboboonee National Park. This low-impact solution would ensure minimal disturbance to flora, fauna and the local community.